The Muslim Community Network identifies and cultivates the leadership skills of all Americans to fully participate in the social landscape.
MCN’s strategies include creating strong relationships with other faith-based communities; articulating and advancing an understanding of the need for citizen engagement; developing the skills and ability of our community to affect change; and building the next generation’s identity and capacity as leaders.



  • Leadership — We believe in a diverse board of directors which reflect the communities we serve.
  • Social Justice Framework — We encourage engagement in addressing the root causes of inequality.
  • Inclusion, Unity, and Diversity – We work with Muslim and non-Muslim communities. We value diverse leadership and voices. We facilitate the emergence of a Muslim identity that transcends generational, ethnic, gender, racial and class-based boundaries.
  • Mutual Consultation – We build consensus and cooperation among diverse opinions, identities and experiences.
  • Self Determination  — We create platforms for all to engage one another and take an active role in their society.
  • Empowerment – We provide platforms for reflection and education which fosters confidence and resilience.
  • Creating Connections – We connect those with experience and expertise to audiences that can benefit from their teachings.



We believe that social justice is both a goal and a process. We also believe in supporting the Muslim community to not just actively work to assure its own civil rights, but the rights of other groups as well. We believe in cultivating cross-generational leadership which will serve as a foundation for the building truly inclusive communities.