Mack Graham, Operations Manager

A native of Staten Island and a graduate of Stony Brook University, Mack’s experience with business management led him to begin his professional career in the music industry in NYC. Having worked with both Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group, Mack developed his skill set with marketing by promoting various artists. Through the music industry, Mack tapped into his talent to use social media as a primary means of advertising. While Mack found the experience to be valuable, he had a deep desire to engage in more meaningful work and essentially give back to the community. As a result, Mack chose a social services path and became a foster care planner in 2010. 
For six years, Mack worked as an advocate for children and families in New York City and Austin, Texas. Mack’s passion for communities and social services, especially in urban settings, has always been the driving force of his career. He moved back to New York to further his studies in graduate school and earned his M.S. in Nonprofit Leadership from Fordham University in 2017. 
Mack Graham brings numerous strengths as a social justice advocator. With over seven years of experience focusing on brand development, social welfare, and nonprofit leadership, Mack currently serves on the Board of Directors at Lower East Side Family Union. He is also a member of the Young Executive Council at Madison Square Boys and Girls Club. Most recently, he has become a member of the Justice League NYC; a task force of youth justice activists, advocates and artists who focus on social issues negatively impacting society and combine their resources to make broader changes in New York. Mack’s current role as Operations Manager allows him to combine his talent in nonprofit management while working to shape the public narrative about what it means to be Muslim in America. His desire to create a system to implement positive change, in a macro and yet transferable manner, for underserved communities continues to be his driving force.