Sumaiyah Ahmed, Treasurer

Sumaiyah Ahmed  graduated from NYU (’02) with a major in Mathematics and a minor in Computer Science. Since then, she has worked at a clinical research facility, A&E and Fitch Ratings. Currently, she is also working towards becoming a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries.

Before becoming the Director of Alumni Relations at the Islamic Center, Sumaiyah was an active member of the community as an undergraduate.  Beginning with event planning in her freshman year and culminating with seats on the board during her junior and senior years, she hoped to create a community devoted to all aspects of life: social, intellectual and religious. She tries to use her position in alumni relations to ensure that those who leave the university years behind them, don’t have to leave the community they have striven to create behind as well.  She hopes to continue to grow the alumni network into a global presence that offers members of the IC a community in every corner of the globe.

Aside from her work with the Islamic Center Alumni Association, Sumaiyah also co-founded the popular H(alal) Train dining event, a food-club that meets up monthly and visits various halal restaurants around the city.  She regularly volunteers for local organizations and also was on the board for IMAN-NYC as the logistical director for the NYC team.  IMAN-NYC organized two hugely successful events in the last 2 years, the first at the Shabaz Center in Jan 2009 and was followed by a fundraiser/concert at the Apollo this past January.