Civic Engagement

Muslim Community Network believes that social justice is both a goal and a process. Our vision is a Muslim community fluent in the socio-political environment of New York City and capable of critically assessing its place in that context.  We also believe in supporting the Muslim community to not just actively work to assure its own civil rights, but the rights of other marginalized groups as well. Our Civic Engagement programs promote informed participation in civil society and the democratic process through coalition building, community service opportunities, calls to action, and engagement in the public square.

The Civic Action program is MCN’s advocacy initiative. We partner with many organizations and public policy institutions to participate in coalitions, calls to action, and engagement in the public square to advocate for the civil rights and liberties of all New Yorkers. Such partnerships include the Muslim School Holidays Coalition, Brennan Center for Justice, CUNY CLEAR, New York Neighbors for American Values, and more. Through the program, MCN also provides opportunities for Muslim community members to engage with their elected officials and be active participants in the processes and decisions that impact their lives.

MCN Serves offers Muslim New Yorkers the opportunity to participate in community service initiatives to strengthen their local communities in a variety of ways, including direct service in our interfaith soup kitchen and food drives, holiday- themed projects, such as the Gifts for Eid toy drive. MCN also partners with Habitat for Humanity, NY CARES, and similar organizations for an even greater impact on improving the lives of all New Yorkers.

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