Civic Education


Muslim Community Network’s programs promote informed participation in civil society and the democratic process. Our monthly Civic Education Workshops give participants the tools to engage with issues facing communities in our society and the resources they need to make a difference in their own backyards.
Workshop topics include:
• Womens Self Defense and Empowerment
• How to Influence Change in Local and City Government
• Know your Rights
• How to be a Green Citizen
• Combating Bullying in Public Schools
• What is a “Muslim” Issue Series I, II and III
• Faith and Policy Organizing


MCN Serves is our community service program, offering all New Yorkers the opportunity to participate in various charity drives and volunteering opportunities. Our volunteers play a direct role in strengthening their local communities and uplifting vulnerable citizens such as children, the elderly, and the homeless.
Through MCN Serves, MCN organizes interfaith events that build solidarity, such as the Annual September 11th Peace Walk and the Annual Interfaith Peace Feast.


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