Cross- Cultural Education

With the pervasive misinformation and misrepresentation of Islam and Muslims in public and media discourse, Muslim Community Network recognizes the importance of reaching across the aisle to break down stereotypes and create harmonious communities free from fear and discrimination. MCN is proud of its reputation for being the premier Muslim organization for interfaith dialogue and collaboration in New York City.

MCN facilitates partnerships with houses of worship and faith-based community organizations to establish ongoing relationships and build bridges of understanding among the various faith communities of New York City. These partnerships include education components as well as an emphasis on shared values of community service, social justice and peace-building Program partners are encouraged to participate in MCN’s community service program, MCN Serves, and to attend our regular events, such as the Annual September 11th Peace Walk, the Annual Interfaith Peace Feast, and additional panel discussions and events on topics of contemporary issues facing religious communities.

The Presentations on Islam and Muslims program aims to help non-Muslims better understand the faith, traditions and practices of their Muslim neighbors, as well as the diversity of the American Muslim community through interactive workshops, presentations, and panel discussions. The informational format is particularly useful for employers with Muslim staff members, schools, colleges and universities, and other faith-based communities and organizations who are interested in developing relationships with the local Muslim community. Presentation topics include: Core Teachings of Islam, Women in Islam, Islam and Democracy, Muslims in America, and more.

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MCN also recognizes the important of building bridges of solidarity and understanding within the Muslim community as well as with other faith traditions. Our programs are designed to be inclusive and facilitate community building between sects, racial, and ethnic groups, such as our Sunni – Shia dialogues and community education workshops about the role of African American Muslims in the history of the United States.

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