Diversity Education


MCN facilitates presentations that educate New Yorkers about the different aspects of diversity within, and outside of, the Muslim faith. Our goal is to increase tolerance and a better understanding of the unique mosaic that is our society, ultimately making us a stronger city and nation. Positive perceptions of diversity, MCN believes, are essential to produce civically engaged citizens who will be educated, respectful and tolerant in their actions.

Our Presentations include:

  • Understanding Islam and the Muslim American Experience
  • Inclusive Learning: Your Muslim American Students
  • Muslim Contributions to American History.

To schedule a presentation, contact us at info@mcnny.org for more information.


MCN is proud of its reputation for being the premier Muslim organization for interfaith dialogue and collaboration in New York City. MCN facilitates partnerships with houses of worship and faith-based community organizations to establish ongoing relationships and build bridges of understanding among the various faith communities of New York City. These partnerships include education components as well as an emphasis on shared values of community service, social justice and peace-building. 


MCN also recognizes the important of building bridges of solidarity and understanding within the Muslim community as well as with other faith traditions. Our programs are designed to be inclusive and facilitate community building between sects, racial, and ethnic groups, such as our Sunni – Shia dialogues and community education workshops about the role of African American Muslims in the history of the United States.