Our Sponsors

MCN is pleased to recognize our generous sponsors and the volunteer contributions of organizations and individuals who support our work! We value our partnerships with foundations, educational institutions and organizations. Our partners and supporters help bring our mission to life. Together we are committed to supporting social justice and the empowerment of the Muslim community of New York City.

MCN Event Sponsors

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Our Event Sponsorship includes tickets to our events and your logo in all our event publications.


Foundational and Institutional Supporters

New York Council of Non-Profits (2010/2011)

Lucius and Eva Eastman Fund (2011)

North Star Fund (2011)

Ben and Jerry’s Foundation (2012)

Riverside Church’s Sharing Fund (2012)

El Hibri Charitable Foundation (2012-2013)

Resist Inc. (2013)

Samuel Rubin Foundation (2013)

Collegiate Church Corporation (2013)

As we give thanks to our supporters, it’s important to note that there is more work to be done. Your investment will enable us to strengthen our established alliances, double our efforts to create meaningful dialogue among Muslims on college campuses, empower young students with strong role models and the skills to lead their communities, and continue to seek justice for the marginalized and needy of New York City.