Coalition Work

MCN plays an active role in coalitions including New York Neighbors for American Values, Muslim Holidays Coalition, Prepare New York, Muslim American Civil Liberties Coalition, among many others. Through these coalitions, we engage in social justice advocacy work through letter writing/signing campaigns, press conferences, rallies, vigils and meeting with local officials. Along with other Muslim organizations, we also sponsor iftar dinners with borough presidents and NYC’s comptroller each year.

Our recent coalition building and work include:

  • Co-founding and remaining on the steering committee of New York Neighbors for American Values (, a coalition formed over the summer of 2010 to support religious freedom and tolerance in the aftermath of the Park 51 attacks
  • Promoting the community’s visibility with elected officials by organizing annual Ramadan iftars at the Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens Borough Presidents’ Offices and an Eid celebration with the City Comptroller
  • Mobilizing local support for building community houses of worship in Staten Island, Sheepshead Bay, Bridgewater and at Park51
  • Ongoing dialogue with the FBI and law enforcement about racial, ethnic and religious profiling as part of Muslim American Civil Liberties Coalition
  • Applying continued pressure for accountability on the New York Police Department for their showing of the Third Jihad, and Islamophobic film, at a cadet training in the summer of 2010 and for the religious profiling they engaged in as reported on by the AP in 2011/2012 as part of Muslim American Civil Liberties Coalition