Youth Leadership Development

MCN’s Youth Leadership Development programs provide Muslim youth with healthy and productive outlets for expression and public engagement. Muslim Youth NYC (MY NYC) and MY NYC Bridge build the next generation’s identity and capacity as leaders by developing their  skills in root cause analysis, public speaking, community organizing and conflict resolution.

Launched in 2012, Muslim Youth NYC (MY NYC) empowers the next generation of leaders by providing them with the opportunity to learn valuable leadership skills, such as root cause analysis, community organizing and conflict resolution; develop their confidence and identity as leaders; and initiate social justice projects of their choosing to address issues of importance to them. Students are introduced to community leaders who share their expertise and advice on successful leadership. To graduate from the program, students initiate and complete social justice advocacy projects of their own devising. The after school program takes place in an interactive hands-on environment during the academic year and culminates in a graduation ceremony where students showcase their social justice projects. Students of all faiths and backgrounds are encouraged to apply for the program. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with the current MY NYC cohort!

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The MY NYC Bridge youth mentorship program was developed to engage young Muslim men in community service, leadership and professional development, and encourage civic engagement and dialogue about the issues affecting the Muslim community of New York City. The program connects students from high schools and community centers to positive role models from similar backgrounds within the broader Muslim Community who are making an impact in their various personal and professional fields. The mentorship format has proven to be of critical importance for encouraging youth to explore potential career paths, boost their confidence and self-esteem, and understand how they can positively contribute to their communities.

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