Third MY NYC Bridge Program MeetupOn Sunday, May 19th MCN held its third monthly MY NYC Bridge meeting with the high school boys at Al-Noor School. This session provided the opportunity for students and mentors to discuss leadership – what it means to them, what skills are necessary to be an effective leader, and what obstacles get in the way of initiating leadership. The skill-building workshop following the discussion focused on public speaking – a skill that participants agreed is highly essential to good leadership and the one that many struggle with.

MCN invited guest speaker Ravi Raghbir of the New Sanctuary Coalition, who trained participants in building public speaking skills, identifying their public speaking anxiety and transforming their fear into confidence. Participants were given the opportunity to speak in front of the group and receive feedback  from their peers.

To conclude the school year, on Sunday, June 23rd MCN hosted a final group get together at a barbecue in Prospect Park. While monthly group sessions will resume in the 2013-2014 school year, mentors and students will continue their individual meetings over the summer. To learn more about getting involved in MY NYC Bridge, or to become a mentor for high school boys, contact Maryam Said at