In early 2009, MCN released the first edition of the Muslim Community Directory and distributed it to places of worship and social service organizations throughout New York City. The directory contains names and contact information of Muslim social service organizations, doctors, schools, mosques, restaurants, secular social service organizations, media and local government officials.
The 2nd edition of the Directory was released in 2012 and we are currently working to produce the next edition, slated for release to coincide with Eid al-Adha in September 2015. The Community Directory will be distributed widely throughout the 5 boroughs of New York City and online.
To be listed in the 2015 edition, fill out the information below and email it to info@mcnny. Put “Information for Community Directory” in the subject line. ONLY BUSINESSES AND ORGANIZATIONS LOCATED IN THE NEW YORK CITY METRO AREA WILL BE INCLUDED IN THE DIRECTORY.
  • Organization/ Business Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • NYC Borough
  • Website
  • Language(s) your organization/ mosque/ business provides services
  • If you are a healthcare provider, your practice area
  • Type of service (e.g., mosque, social service agency, etc.)
If you would like to place an advertisement in the Directory, you may submit an ad according to the specifications in the image below and remit a check for the appropriate amount to MCN by September 1st, 2015. Proceeds from the ads will go to supporting MCN’s youth leadership development, cross-cultural education, community education, and civic engagement and community service work.