Islamic history and religious texts are rich with examples of women’s leadership and gender equality. Yet, the modern Muslim woman frequently finds herself without adequate spaces to worship in the mosque or none at all, shut out from decision-making processes that affect the entire community, and excluded from opportunities to lead and to share knowledge that may benefit the community at large.

Join Muslim Community Network as Board President and activist Debbie Almontaser and Board Member and educator Dr. Khadijah Abdul-Matin, D.Min. address some of these salient challenges and share examples from the Prophetic model as well as strategies for affecting positive change.

The workshop will cover:

+ Origins of women’s leadership in the Islamic context

+ Historical examples of Muslim women leaders

+ Overcoming contemporary challenges

+ Best practices for effective advocacy

This event is FREE but registration is required at

The event will begin at 2:00pm SHARP. Please arrive on time so as not to disturb the workshop in progress.

All are welcome to attend. For questions or more information, please email us at Be sure to invite your friends!

Check out the slideshow of photos from this powerful workshop!
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