Muslim Community Network is pleased to learn of the landmark settlement of lawsuits Raza v. City of New York and Handschu v. Special Services Division announced earlier today. As part of the settlement the NYPD agreed to reforms that would provide oversight of its counterterrorism and surveillance practices and institute a Civilian Representative who will serve as an independent monitor of it intelligence-gathering activities.

Muslim Community Network served as an advisor on the Strategic Planning Table to the legal team and participated in additional advocacy and coordinating activities to protest the unconstitutional surveillance and information gathering of Muslim business owners, community centers, and private individuals.

Debbie Almontaser, Board President:

“These reforms will add transparency and restore accountability to policing measures that have bred fear and stigma in the Muslim community and a deep mistrust of law enforcement. This is a strong and clear message that keeping communities safe without infringing upon Constitutionally protected freedoms is possible.”

Christina Tasca, Executive Director

“For far too long, members of the Muslim community in New York City have been the subject of broad- based police intelligence gathering activities that have proven to be ineffective. This settlement will ensure that no longer will anyone have to fear being the target of unjust investigations based solely on their race, religion, or ethnicity.”


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