On Sunday June 12th, we awoke to sorrow and despair in our hearts as we learned about the Orlando massacre where 50 young lives were senselessly taken too soon. With a nation in grief, we gathered at our 2016 Annual Gala knowing, even more than before, how important is was to gather brothers and sisters in faith and solidarity. One thing that we know to be true is that we will not let hate divide us.

Mayor de Blasio, our surprise keynote speaker, spoke about the importance of the work done by Muslim Community Network and other faith-based organizations, especially in these times of tragedy. We could not have been more honored to have the Mayor come and share with us his support and kind words.

“We know that in the coming days the nation’s eyes will of course be on Orlando, but they’ll be here as well for so many reasons… and we owe it to our nation to show that we live our belief in inclusion every single day. All of us must stand together.” Mayor Bill De Blasio

In the wake of the Orlando tragedy and in the spirit of brotherhood so tangibly felt at our Gala, now more than ever we know that we must come together in love and solidarity. At MCN we believe in the power of youth to lead the way toward a world of peace and security for everyone and on Sunday we launched our crowdfunding campaign, “A New Story of a Post- September 11th New York”, to lift up the voices of Muslim youth and change the narrative of Muslims in the media!

Please join us in this this critical initiative by making a contribution TODAY and sharing this link widely with your networks. You can share this campaign on twitter here and on facebook here. By empowering Muslim youth with the opportunity to share their stories, we can help dismantle Islamophobia.

Thank you for all you do to support MCN and Muslim youth!

In Solidarity,

Christina Tasca
Executive Director