In light of the current political climate and recent rhetoric surrounding people of faith, immigrants and refugees, the NYC Commission on Human Rights and the Mayor’s Community Affairs Unit and Office of Immigrant Affairs are partnering to support and strengthen NYC’s Muslim and faith-based communities.

To support these efforts, the NYC Commission on Human Rights has launched a social media ad campaign and a new fact sheet explaining protections against religious discrimination with a focus on Muslim communities (soon available in several languages). These resources as well as a calendar of ongoing events and information about an upcoming brochure and free workshops by the Commission focused on protections under the NYC Human Rights for all New Yorkers of faith, are now available at  The social media advertisements and new materials remind us that Muslims, like New Yorkers of every faith, contribute to the unique and rich cultural diversity for which New York City is universally known and that they deserve to live and work free from discrimination and harassment.

Let people all across the city know that we are all New Yorkers, regardless of who you are, where you live, or your beliefs by tweeting and sharing on Facebook today with the hashtag #IAmMuslimNYC.

If you believe you have been discriminated against based on your actual or perceived religion or creed, call 311 and ask for the NYC Commission on Human Rights.