Sign up for next Women’s Self-Defense workshop this Saturday, January 14 from 11am-1pm. RSVP here


MCN’s Women’s Self- Defense workshops are unique in that they not only teach self-defense techniques, but also provide a safe space for women of all backgrounds to feel empowered and discuss issues impacting their sense of safety.

Two days after the election, MCN shared our Women’s Self Defense Workshop on Facebook. Tickets sold out in 10 hours. There are now over 2700 women interested in attending a workshop and we have received a significant number of requests to make this a consistent event. This is a somber reminder of the reality Muslim women face in an increasingly anti-Muslim climate, but we also received significant interest from Jewish women and women of color.

On Saturday, December 3rd, we held two workshops, back to back to try to meet this demand. We’ve added one more next weekend and are working on providing additional workshops, but we need your support to help women feel safe and confident!

This past week an 18 year Muslim girl was attacked on the subway and an older Muslim woman was pushed down the stairs in Grand Central station. If you want to do something positive, please consider sponsoring a woman or if you are able, the cost of a workshop.

The cost of one workshop is $900. Your $25 contribution enables one woman to become empowered.

Please make a contribution TODAY so that we can provide this urgent service!


If you have been the victim of a hate crime or bias incident, report it to the NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force by dialing 911 immediately followed by calling CAIR at (646) 665-7599.