Muslim Community Network Rejects The Muslim Ban 2.0

New York, NY — On Monday, March 6th President Donald Trump signed a second Executive Order targeting immigrants from 6 Muslim majority nations and halting refugees fleeing from persecution and war, from entering the country. This new version flies in the face of the values we hold dear as Americans. We don’t tell people how to pray and we don’t discriminate against groups of people because of their faith, nationality, or the color of their skin.

President Trump campaigned on a platform of bigotry and promised a shut down on Muslim immigration. As his Senior Adviser Stephen Miller stated, this new order would “have the same, basic policy outcome for the country.” The new version reiterates key principles of the prior ban and makes minor changes in an attempt to circumnavigate standing court rulings. No one should be under the illusion that this discriminatory policy is to ban immigrants on the basis of their faith or national origin.

“We the People expect our political leaders to create policy in the best interests of the country based on substantiated fact, not on fear,” said Christina Tasca, Executive Director at Muslim Community Network. “We call upon Congress to protect the integrity of the United States Constitution and we call upon people of faith and conscience to raise their voices and make it clear that Americans will not tolerate state- sponsored bigotry.”

“The Muslim Ban 2.0 will only fuel the flames of Islamophobia and contribute to the alarming rise in hate incidents and violence across the country after the election,” said Dr. Debbie Almontaser, Board President of Muslim Community Network. “President Trump must immediately retract and end his singling out of Muslim and immigrant communities.”

Muslim Community Network is devoted to our nation’s values of religious freedom and the rights of all individuals to be treated equally. We remain committed to working with elected officials, lawyers, community groups and civil rights organizations across the country to challenge this reckless and un-American policy.

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