The organization calls for immediate public meetings to restore broken trust.

New York, NY — The Muslim Community Network is dismayed and deeply disappointed in Mayor De Blasio’s surprise appointment of Judge Stephen Robinson as the Civilian Representative to the NYPD’s “Handschu Committee”, which serves as an independent monitor of the NYPD intelligence division investigations. The landmark settlement in Handschu v. Special Services Division assures constitutionally- protected religious and political activities from unjust and discriminatory surveillance.

“I am deeply disappointed by the Mayor’s abrupt appointment of a Civilian Representative without honoring the request of community groups impacted by surveillance to be a part of this process. This move goes against the very democratic process he holds as a progressive in office,” said Board President Dr. Debbie Almontaser.

“We call upon Mayor De Blasio and Judge Robinson to immediately meet with members of the Muslim community and other impacted communities to hear the impact of the NYPD’s invasive surveillance practices and ensure that he will remain steadfast and accountable in protecting our civil rights and liberties,” said Executive Director Christina Tasca. “This is a missed opportunity to restore Muslim New Yorkers’ trust in the NYPD and is a flagrant infringement on the spirit of this settlement.”


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