Bridge Building

Connecting Communities, Creating New Spaces for Engagement

Interfaith Bridge Building

Our Youth Interfaith work connects young people of various faiths for civic engagement! We do this through our Bridge Building Café Hour

Bridge Building Café Hour is a partnership with Civic Spirit. Muslim and Jewish youth get together once a month to get civically engaged!
Our 2020-2021 cohort of Muslim and Jewish students are taking on climate change through the following goals and initiatives:

1. We want to not only reduce the amount of pollution in NYC and around the world, but we also want to raise awareness. We believe that although doing things like cleaning up beaches may have a temporary positive effect, unless the people who are dropping litter understand the effect of their action, it will have no real permanent effect. Education is more proactive than prevention.

2. Some of our group’s core values include listening to others, for we learn alot from simply listening to what others have to say. We also believe in educating and informing others, since people are more likely to change their habits/ actions if they understand the consequences of them. Another core value is caring for the environment, especially because the religions we believe in (whether that be Judaism or Islam) urge us to care for our surroundings and not to neglect them. We believe this aspect of religion strongly reflects on moral values we hold as a group since we, as humans, should care for the environment we live in. Another core value of our group is teamwork, since change can only come about from the collaboration of everyone; this can’t be a one man effort.

3. We plan to raise awareness through 3 different ways; posters, social media page (Instagram page and blog),and a possible ZOOM workshop. We also would plan to look into having more trash cans around the city, possibly on each block because we feel that may encourage people to properly dispose of their trash rather than throw it on the ground. Our goal is to try and convince people (whoever the social media page or blog reaches) to get rid of harmful habits and begin forming new ones. (For ex. Many of us tend to leave the water running while brushing our teeth; however, if everyone were to just turn off the faucet for those 60 seconds, that would save hundreds of gallons of water.) Informing people on these facts will probably urge them to make changes.

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