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Advocacy and Hate Crimes Prevention

MCN is putting community safety first through hate crime prevention workshops at masjids, schools, hospitals, and community centers.

Advocacy and Hate Crime Prevention

MCN engages in policy advocacy on issues ranging from the need for religious diversity education, eliminating discrimination and Islamophobia, public safety and surveillance issues, free childcare in low-income communities, language access, halal meals in public schools, adult literacy programs, immigration reform, safe and adequate affordable housing, and more. 

Advocacy Toolkit

Take Action Now and Call on Your Elected Officials to Pass Resolution 1257
Hate Crime Prevention Advocacy Toolkit
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Ajifanta Marenah at City Hall
Hate Crime Prevention

MCN’s hate crime prevention initiative is divided into 3 main areas: Community Safety training, Hate Crime Prevention Survey Data Collection, and Policy Advocacy.  For Community Safety Trainings, MCN provides workshops that educate members of the community on what hate crimes and bias incidents are, how to prevent hate, where to report it to, and resources available to victims. During these sessions, data is collected through MCN’s hate crime survey on anti-religious hate crimes against Muslim communities in NYC to inform anti-discrimination laws and policies. Our 2022, hate crime report can be found below. 

Thirdly, we have been advocating on the city, state, and national levels to speak up against hate crimes and advocate for policies to prevent hate. 

Community Safety Training

 So far in 2022, we have conducted community safety trainings with 10 different communities reaching over 300 New York Muslims. 

MCN Statement for House Judiciary Committee

MCN submitted a written statement as a testimony for Congress House Judiciary Hearing on Discrimination and the Civil Rights of the Muslim, Arab, and South Asian American Communities. This was a historical hearing and the first of its kind to happen in decades.

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