Interfaith Partnerships

Connecting Communities, Creating New Spaces for Engagement

Interfaith Partnerships for Peacebuilding

We are NYC’s go to civil-society nonprofit engaged in interfaith bridge building for peace.

In 2018, the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) recorded the highest level of conflict  in almost 70 years. The world is seeing a resurgence in suppression of populations based on their ethnicity and faith from the Rohingya to Uyghur communities and other religious minorities. Interfaith partnerships can help achieve peace, reduce conflict, and promote a just, inclusive society as stated in the UN Sustainable Development Goal 16. Our interfaith work aims to gather people of all faiths to work together on leadership and community building activities. 

With partners across faith, we:

  • hold scriptural reasoning sessions to deepen the understanding of each others holy texts
  • build and participate in interfaith coalitions around issues of racial and economic justice, and 
  • develop interfaith programs for youth and adults that spark meaningful exchange with members of other faiths.

If you would like to learn more about our interfaith work and how you or your organization can partner with us, then please contact Kujegi Camara.

Our 2019 Emerging Peacemakers brought together NYC Muslim youth and youth from All Angels Church in Cumbria, UK as a way to build understanding and solidarity.

Yasmin Abdelsalam

Emerging Peacemaker 2019

The Emerging Peacemakers program was one of the most eye-opening, inspiring, and moving experiences of my life. Everyone was so loving, caring, and respectful of others and their struggles. We were all able to develop such deep connections although we came from different faiths and backgrounds and we were able to focus on what made us similar rather than what made us different. I especially loved how the approach to peacemaking was about empathy, vulnerability, communication and just being human. It left a huge impact on how I’ll deal with my problems moving forward and strengthened my belief that we all must love each other to really progress. Also, everyone I’ve met in the program has a special place in my heart and I know that the friends I’ve made will last a lifetime.

Masrur Chowdhury

Emerging Peacemaker 2019

The England Trip has greatly impacted my visions and ideologies on peacemaking, identity, and communication by allowing me to learn and visualize scenarios with an emerging peacemaker mindset and approach. As days proceed post-trip, I have realized many changes within myself on how I communicate with others in respect to others’ opinions no matter how unorthodox it may be to my perception of a subject. Also, I’ve been able to better understand my identity as a Bengali Muslim American, trying to implement the best of both cultures to become the best version of myself instead of struggling to be more of either or. In all, this trip has greatly impacted my perception of the world in order to create a safe community for all where a constant flow of ideas and opinions are allowed.

Mudrakat Durosinmi

Emerging Peacemaker 2019

The Rose Castle trip was a life changing experience for me. On this trip I got to make long lasting relationships and be open in ways I could never imagine. We all participated in activities that made us think and be vulnerable. These activities were very helpful and could be applied to our lives. I have noticed that as a result of this trip, I have been able to see situations from other people’s perspectives so I can be more understanding. Everybody sharing their experiences, really created a safe space for us to be comfortable and be ourselves. Additionally, this trip allowed me to share my life experiences being a Muslim and answer questions people don’t normally have the chance to ask. The Rose Castle trip was also a great opportunity to get my questions about Christianity answered. To add, this experience made me look at life in a more open and thankful manner. It has made me realize I’m not alone and there are people having the same issues as me even though we might not have the same religion. On this trip I made connections by relating to people’s stories. The Rose Castle trip was not only an opportunity to experience a different country but also to change how I look at life. I value this trip a lot and if I were given the chance to do something similar again, I would take it.

Samia Islam

Emerging Peacemaker 2019

At the very beginning of the Rose Castle Trip, I did not know any of the students. It was my first time traveling alone and I was genuinely nervous about living with strangers for nine days. I had not thought or talked about my religion with others in a while. This trip changed all of that. Not only did I meet new people, I also learned more about my faith. In the mornings we would read excerpts from the Bible and Quran in small groups. These sessions allowed me to notice similarities and differences between the two religions, which in turn brought me closer to my faith. The trip inspired me to be more in tune with Islam. After the trip, I began starting my days by reading a little from the Quran. There is a sense of serenity I feel reading the Quran on my morning train rides to school. Occasionally, I get delightful messages on WhatsApp from the people I have met on this trip. It is lovely to know that they are all doing well and continuing on the journey of exploring faith.

Mariam Waggeh

Emerging Peacemaker 2019

When I first reached John F. Kennedy airport, I remember one emotion running through my body: anxiety. But when we reached the Derwentwater hostel I remember those feelings of anxiety turning to those of excitement and happiness when greeted with welcoming smiles from the rose castle team. Throughout the week, I had grown and flourished to a person I wasn’t a week ago. I had not only made many relationships that I cherish, but I also learned more about my faith and Christianity. From having Islamic discussions with Naadiya to going to the mosque on Edinburgh I was motivated to grow myself as a Muslim even more and I was able to reflect on the certain mindset I had. But, also from the trip I received a lot of clarity and learned so much about Christianity. Even so I took to have more interfaith dialogues on theology with people of different faiths from mine. The emerging peacemakers program taught me both the significance of reconciliation but also listening. Often times as humans we listen with the intent to reply rather than to understand, but through the program I learned how this method if flawed and we should be open to learning new things. The emerging peacemakers program afforded me an abundance of opportunities and exposed me to a strong network of Muslims and Christians.

Zawad Khan

Emerging Peacemaker 2019

To be completely honest I wasn’t sure what was going on until the first day in England. All I knew was that I was going to England as a part of a peacemaking program. I had absolutely no idea what the program entailed so I expected nothing I thought it would be a great break from reality and an escape from the problems I had at the time, however after the program was over I had everything I needed at that moment to deal with my situation at the time. We all also formed strong bond in such a short amount of time regardless of our faith and background. The only bad part of the trip was leaving. The trip allowed me to reflect on who I am outside of how other people see me. It also helped me realize that your religion and background isn’t your identity. It helped me separate myself and my religion, by allowing me to step outside of myself and look through other perspectives, which in turn brought me closer to my religion. This is one trip that I’m glad I woke up early in the morning for.

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