Muslim Youth Leadership


Muslim Youth NYC (MYNYC) is the Muslim Community Network’s youth leadership develop and civic engagement program. In an interactive hands-on environment, this initiative empowers the next generation of leaders by providing them with the opportunity to learn valuable leadership skills, develop their confidence and identity as leaders, address local social justice issues and initiate projects to address community issues of importance to them.
MY NYC’s program objectives include:
1. Building participants’ understanding of effective leadership and confidence in their abilities as leaders
2. Developing participants’ critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities, including the use of root-cause analysis to explore the persistence of social injustice
3. Training and advising participants’ in effective leadership skills, such as public speaking, time management, coalition building, conflict resolution, networking, community organizing, and more
4. Providing participants from around New York City with the opportunity to meet and share experiences, and discuss issues impacting them and their community in a safe space
5. Developing participants’ understanding of social justice issues and how they related to their local community
6. Enabling participants’ to be civically engaged in their community
7. Leading participants in creating and executing projects that address the root cause of a community issue that is of importance to them
8. Connecting participants with positive role models from their community.
If your school or youth center would like to partner with MYNYC, then please contact our program coordinator, Rana Abo-Omar at

MYNYC Workshop Partnership

The MYNYC Workshop Partnership is an opportunity for Muslim New York and New Jersey youth communities to explore their leadership identity, learn how to get civically active and change the narrative. The Muslim Community Network aims to empower the next generation of Muslim American youth by providing them with the knowledge, tools and skills to become civic and social justice leaders in their community.
At our workshop students hear from local community organizers, participant in leadership building activities, and learn about local civic involvement opportunities.
Workshop Objectives:
A. Increase youth understanding of their identity as Muslim Americans
B. Develop their sense of empowerment
C. Encourage their future participation in community affairs
D. Enhance Muslim- and non-Muslim community relations
E. Help community leaders and citizens address local needs by recognizing and guiding youthful enthusiasm and energy
F. Connecting participants with positive role models from their community.
G. Lead participants in creating and executing projects that address the root cause of a community issue that is of importance to them
If your youth group or high school would like to partner with MCN for a leadership development and civic engagement workshop, then please contact Rana Abo-Omar at

Youth Civic Engagement Fair 2020

As part of the MYNYC curriculum students from the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens will join in July of 2020 to present their civic engagement projects. Throughout the program students explore a community issue of interest to them, then develop their own action plan to address their community’s needs. Student community issues encompass voter rights, environmental justice, human rights, criminal justice, safety, and education.
At the Civic Engagement Fair student groups will present to community members, public policymakers, friends and families their civic engagement project. If you would like to join us in celebrating our program fellows please contact Rana Abo-Omar at for more information.
Sample Muslim Youth Leadership Workshop Film

Generation Peace Documentary Film "The Untold Truth"