Who We Are

Connecting Communities, Creating New Spaces for Engagement

About Muslim Community Network

Mission: MCN’s mission is to use civic education and leadership development to shape the public narrative about what it means to be Muslim in the United States of America.

Since 9/11, Muslims have been in the public eye. However, who we are and the reality of our lived experiences are often at odds with how we’re seen. 

As the Muslim Community Network we aim to accurately shape the public narrative of what it means to be #MuslimByMuslims. We do this through diversity education on our faith and community,  building partnerships for peace across all faiths, and facilitating the civic leadership of our community. 

Founded in 2003, our roots are local – we are NYC’s go to civil-society nonprofit engaged in interfaith and civic-education work – and our reach is global, as we aim to help achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 16 to promote just, peaceful, and inclusive societies.

Vision: MCN’s vision is to help facilitate the emergence of a Muslim-American identity that transcends generational, ethnic, gender, racial, and class-based boundaries while building bridges with other communities of faith to build peaceful, just, and inclusive communities. We hope to achieve this through programs and initiatives focusing on Civic Education & Advocacy, Leadership Development, and Diversity Education.

Our Supporters

New York Community Trust (2020)

New York Women’s Foundation (2020)

Sterling National Bank (2018)

 Revson Foundation (2018)
Doris Duke Foundation for the Islamic Arts (2018)

Brooklyn Community Foundation (2018)

Samuel Rubin Foundation (2013, 2014, 2015)

Resist Inc. (2013, 2014)

El Hibri Charitable Foundation (2012, 2013)

Collegiate Church Corporation (2013)

Ben and Jerry’s Foundation (2012)

Riverside Church’s Sharing Fund (2012)

North Star Fund (2011)

Lucius and Eva Eastman Fund (2011)

Brooklyn Smoke Free Partnership (2010)

Institute for Leadership, Inc. (2010)

New York Council of Non-Profits (2010)

American Legacy Foundation (2009, 2010)